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Creatieve valentijn

Creatieve valentijn

I like the way you walk,
And I want the world to #see it
I like the way you talk,
And I want the world to hear it

If I could only be your valentine,
I would distinguish you from the rest,
I would use #my #creativity
and give it all my best
I’d share my passion and make you fly,
I would give you wings, for you to #show up high

And when it looks like you might fall,
Do not worry, cause I’ll be there.
I will be there to listen for your call
I’ll be your #parachute to break the fall

So if you’re ‘in’ for some sweet #design,
Give me a #call or drop me a #line,
Give me your heart and I will give you mine.
I just wanna be your #creative valentine.

Drop Alive Creative Studio

Gepubliceerd: 14 februari 2016
Bijgewerkt: 14 februari 2016